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One of the first major discoveries relevant to the field of pulmonology was the discovery of

Click sign up and fill the form with relevant details. Pay or contribute a small token to access emergency cover. If it’s not clear call us or email us at hello@8medical.co

Call our hotline and request service. Our dispatcher will triage the request and send the right service to you.

it’s free for those who’ve paid their premiums. If you haven’t it’s still very affordable.

Yes you can, you can add your family to your plan.

Our responders will be with you in 25 mins or less.

We’re actively working on partnering with insurance companies.

  • Your health insurance cover only starts if and when you make it to the the hospital. You need us to get you to the hospital so your HMO can kick in.
  •  We’re also currently building relationships with your HMOs to make our service available as part of your insurance package

Everyone can access care. Everyone includes individuals, groups, corporates, estates, religious houses . There’s a plan for everyone.

We are an ambucycle (Ambulance – motorcycle) first teammate.

you can either donate or volunteer with us.

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