Our Story

Eight medical is a network of pre-hospital care professionals that provide urgent and emergency care when it matters most

We work round the clock to ensure you and your loved ones can get access to proper care in your time of need.

Our personnel, ambucycles, and ambulances are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure international standards of service delivery are met.

Our Vision

To provide reliable access to healthcare when it matters most

Our Mission

Ensuring universal healthcare access for Africa by building the largest online healthcare community, leveraging the use of technology with a mobile-first approach.

Our Philosophy

Make timeliness, reliability, and quality a part of day-to-day work processes, constantly seeking continuous improvement in all that we do.

Our Value


Our actions reflect our promise. We are providing an emergency care system that works to save lives.


We are committed to saving lives in Nigeria with our rapid emergency response


Our Personnel are well trained according to international standards of Good pre-hospital Practice. We strive to make you comfortable and safe


Speed and efficiency are essential in emergency care. We are constantly experimenting on better ways to provide you with quicker emergency response .


The unequivocal need for our services and the guaranteed impact we make is the driving force behind what we do.

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Our Team

Andry Ford


Andry Ford


Andry Ford


Andry Ford


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