Eight medical keeps athletes going at Access bank Lagos city marathon 2022


As thirty thousand runners sprinted from the start line at the 7th annual Access Bank Lagos City Marathon on February 12, a team of medical experts was with them every step of the way.

From sprains, strains, exhaustion, and blisters, medical personnel treated hundreds of racers along both the 10km and 42km course. Dr. Tunde-Oni Ibukun, Medical director and the sports medicine coordinator for Eight medical oversees the nearly 40 clinical volunteers spread out across 20-50m posts from start to finish.

Our medical volunteers enjoy every opportunity to support the city in ensuring the safety of all the participants involved on and off the highly acclaimed road race. The medical teams include physicians, nurses, paramedics, athletic trainers, physiotherapists, and more. The teams staffed 10-20 medical stations along the route ready for anyone who stops by with an injury.

The team saw a few situations that required a trip to the emergency room. Most of the runners were treated on-site or at the main medical tent and sent on their way.

We probably averaged 100-200 or so people who needed some kind of medical attention during the race.  Though some make it look easy, completing a marathon is one of the sports’ toughest challenges. Most people don’t train well for the event, so we end up having a lot of people coming down with heat exhaustion and dehydration, 

Seeing first-hand the toll marathons can take on the body, he offers some advice for new runners.


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